Sunday, April 12, 2009


We are under attack, people. Whatever your beliefs, however you slice life, there is obviously a concerted effort to deprive us of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happinesss". Since I believe that the spiritual precedes the physical, the master plan of attack is implemented by the "Enemy". This is the collective name for the fallen angels, led by Satan (the Devil), the slanderer and accuser of we humans. Satan was possibly God's own archangel and led the worship of Him in Heaven (his name was probably Samael; "Satan" is a title). Through pride he was cast out of Heaven along with a third of all angels. Satan seduced Eve, the mother of all humans, and caused the Fall of Man. Ever since he has gone about the world, which he considers his domain, corrupting and destroying any humans he can. He plans our downfall and co-ordinates his army of fallen angels (demons) to oppose God. Though he was defeated by Jesus' resurrection, in his insanity he cannot stop. This is all explained in the Bible, in various books, culminating with a flourish in Revelation, the last book. The last surviving Apostle, the elderly John, was given this great vision of the end of all things. Like Genesis, the first book of the Bible, Revelation is indispensible for an understanding of God's plan for us. Some "Christians" seem to find these two books figurative or irrelevant. They do so at their peril.

Satan's master plan, founded on four great lies he told Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, has never really changed. The Flood (the third great event in our history, after the Creation and the Fall) interrupted his strategy, but didn't change it. Satan has only two objectives for us: to keep us from loving God; and, if we do, to render us ineffective in carrying out God's work. All historical events revolve around these two poles: to serve God or to serve ourselves--hence, Satan. Through the millenia the faces and circumstances have changed but the real battle has been the same. In these last days, at the end of time, Satan's tactics are two-pronged. On the one hand we have the socialists and extreme liberals, who would deprive us of our individual liberties in favor of the state, for our own good. On the other hand we have the Muslims, who are willing to kill us to save the world; they tolerate no opposition, according to their own scriptures.

The two poles of the Enemy's plan seem seem disparate, indeed irreconcilable. If you examine the overall goals of the Enemy, however, the jihadists and the socialists are aiming for the same scenario. They both want a world where there is no opposition, because the state is everything and everyone. If there is only one choice there can be no choosing. The nanny-state and the caliphate are the same. Both are theocracies; and in both, the ends always justify the means. One need only look at World War Two. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the spiritual leader of Islam, was a regular visitor to Berlin, consulting with Goebbels and Goering on the "Jewish Problem". Both groups had the same objective: the rooting out of Judaism and, ultimately, of Christianity. The Muslim leader got along well with the Nazis. After all, Satan was the spiritual leader of both.


Jon said...

Hi Dan, Happy Easter from the Socialist Camp. We over here, for we are certainly all of one accord, appreciate being lumped with our brothers, the Jihadists and The Nazis.

Dan, we could spend our Easter accusing our enemies of worshipping false gods. We could do it with some truth because we all worship false gods. If we, on the left worship the state the right certainly looks as though it worships money and military power- Moloch and Mammon.

Also, I'm not buying the war between the sons of darkness and the sons of light. That's gnosticism, not Christianity. It's my understanding that we are all fallen and all owe our salvation to grace.

Brother, I have my worldly beliefs. I think a life lived in common with the rest of humanity makes more sense than a life lived on the premise that I can only better myself by depriving someone else. I could be wrong though. This much I'm pretty sure of, we all look about the same to God. My sins are about the same as everybody else's and, like everybody else, I'm doing the best I, through my individual efforts, can possibly do.

I went to church this morning. I took communion with a bunch of well dressed and well meaning sinners. As usual, I sat there and thought, "What the hell am I doing here?" The answer I got back is the same answer I always get back. I am being one among many. I need constant reminders that only God is God and I am still just folks.

So Dan, my point, if I have one, is something to the effect of, I've always appreciated you treating me as a brother in Christ, even when I'm not convinced of my own Christian faith. God bless you and yours and may you have a very happy Easter.

desertdan said...

Jon--You lump yourself in the socialist camp. As Orwell pointed out, socialism x tyranny=fascism. I am talking about societal currents, not individual cases. I'm not accusing anybody of "worshipping false gods". We are all idolaters in some way. I think the "Mammon" tag is overblown; I certainly don't worship wealth. What is Pelosi's net worth? Moloch, if you refer to my piece by that name, demanded infant sacrifice. I'm talking about abortion. Few Christians or conservatives would approve of that. As far as gnosticism, I'm talking about basic Biblical and Christian theology. The Enemy is real, regardless of what you call him/them. Except for the Godhead, we are all created beings. Of course we are all fallen and all need grace for salvation. Have you read Lewis' SCREWTAPE LETTERS? Of course we must live life in common. Remember the old saying: Be in the world but not of it. Who am I depriving of anything? Of course God is God. Jon, you remain my brother in Christ, no matter what. Siempre viva in Christo Jesus!--Dan

Jon said...

Dan, of course I've read Orwell and Lewis. Like you, I'm that kind of guy. We draw different conclusions. I've gotta say, it was bad being lumped with Hitler and Al Quaeda, but I will not allow you to thrust me into the camp of Nancy Pelosi. I don protective gear and vote for the Democrats. Afterwards I shower thoroughly and change my clothes.

I will say that when Madeline Albright (A Democrat) said that the deaths of 50,000 Iraqi children was "acceptable", I couldn't help but picture her throwing them into the mouth of Moloch.

Did you ever read Harold Bloom? You old English major you, you know you did. He said that Gnosticism is the American religion. He makes a pretty good case too. I'll admit that most of us, me included, don't quite get the gnostic creation myth- the business about the pleuroma and the spaces where God has withdrawn, Sophia etc. but we sure do like the idea of a battle being fought on heaven and earth with one side being all light and the other side being all darkness. As often as I've claimed to be on the side of light, the whole thing finally started to sound a little silly to me.

Finally, just to stir the outrage pot, if forced to chose a side on any current issue, I will say that I mourn the deaths of three brave Somali Coast Guardsmen.

deserttoadd said...

The Bible is either the true Word of God or it isn't. If any part of a book that purports to be "The Truth" contains a lie, no matter how small, then the whole book and author must be considered suspect. Dan is correct in his assumption that the Bible is correct. In my humble opinion the Bible is correct from In to Amen and anyone who has a problem with that can just get over it.

By the way, the Gnosticism's Sun and Surf shop is having an asbestos swimwear sale next week.