Saturday, January 31, 2009

Censorship and Suppression

Forgive me, fans, I have been preoccupied--or post-occupied (why, he's uninhabited!)--lately. I've been writing poetry; have, in fact, joined a poetry group in Tehachapi. I think perhaps it's nearing time to get a real website set up and post Selected Poems. . . . [Thomas . . .?]

I try to stay out of partisan politics here, usually, although my Christian conservatism is in-and-of-itself inflammatory, I suppose. I believe there is a strong possibility B. Hussein Obama was born in Kenya and has abrogated the Constitution in this matter. Be that as it may, he is starting to come against talk radio, which is overwhelmingly conservative. Whenever Franken (who is busy trying to steal Minnesota) or some other liberal comedian tries to break into talk radio, he expires from disinterest. Obama has publicly denounced Rush Limbaugh, the doyen of media conservatives. I listen to Rush. He is sane and patriotic. I wish I could say the same for some of our elected leaders. At least Bragojevitch has been deposed (what an insult to Slavs he is!)--although if I were Governor Quinn, I would have him searched for weapons periodically!

Now to the heart of the matter: The Democrats are going to revive the "Freedom of Choice" act. Reagan killed it in '87. This misnamed FCC rule would mandate equal time for opposing viewpoints in broadcast media. Sounds fair, eh? What it really does is make it uneconomical for radio stations to carry conservative and Christian shows. Rush and company only rose up in the twenty years since Ronnie killed it. In a free marketplace, liberal commentators have to compete for the airwaves. They have failed miserably. I don't know anyone who listens to NPR; I seldom watch PBS. They have to be subsidized. Conservative media don't. Economics aside, I believe the Democrats are going to try to muzzle conservative commentators. This is contrary to the First Amendment. I repeat, THIS IS CONTRARY TO THE FIRST AMENDMENT! Our Constitution is the thing that separates us from tyranny and balkanization. I hope our Kenyan-American President realizes this. We need to pray for him. God bless America.


Jon said...

First it was what's his name? "Ann" Coulter. Now it's Rush? Dan, there are legitimate, thoughtful conservative voices. I happen to think they're wrong, but your listening to the radio version of professional wrestling. Obama was simply pointing out that Rush is as real as Haystacks Calhoun and the Easter Bunny.

By the way, I didn't know we had a constitution anymore. It's a quaint souvenir of times gone by, but the reality of it was used as toilet paper by George, Daddy-Got-Me-The-Job, Bush, following orders from Dick Cheney.

If Obama doesn't hold office legitimately, then that makes three illegitimate inaugurations in a row.

Dammit Dan, you've gone and got me sore, first thing Saturday.

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deserttoadd said...

Jon, you forgot to mention your favorite president who was an adulterer, rapist, sexual harassing boss, thief, extortionist, narcissist and a convicted liar. serves the USA right after standing up and making one proud to be called an American again, I am talking about Ronald Reagan. He also used to be the governor of California and was the best one we ever had for that job too.

Why don't you go back to that piece of paper that is call the Constitution of the United States and reread the article that says that any power not expressly given to the federal government is reserved for the states.

Weren't you one of those who thought that Mr. Bush, II, did the right thing and go after Saddam when he threatened to give terrorists chemical and nuclear weapons to use in the USA? Ok, so the foreign intelligence that told us that he had the ability to carry out that threat lied to us, we still got rid of a bullying punk who was determined to to aid the terrorists in their effort to do us serious damage. If nothing else we showed the world that if you threaten us with harm we will kick your butt, cut off your head and display it on a pike at the city gates. I will ask you to go back to the writings of Monroe, Adams, Henry, Hamilton, Washington, and Jefferson and read them for yourself, that is if your government teacher actually cared enough to teach you how to read beyond an eighth grade level.

Jon said...

Jeez there Desert Toad, I think you've violated the generally friendly tone that Dan and I try to maintain in our debates. I disagree, often sharply, with Dan, but I wouldn't question his integrity, intelligence or reading skills.

I didn't know that Ronald Reagan was an adulterer, rapist, thief, sexually harassing boss, and narcissist. He seemed to have managed to avoid prosecution as a liar, although I suspect he would have been found guilty.

Could it be that you are referring to Bill Clinton? I never liked that man. I ask because you said that you were talking about Ronald Reagan.

See Dan, this is what happens when someone confuses professional wrestling with politics.I guess I got the guy mad. That's why I hate it when I get mad. I sound like some kind of caricature of myself.

By the way Dan, let me apologize for not speaking to the point of your post. Hopefully later. My alarm clock rings in about four hours.

Jon said...

PS, Thomas, I'd like to hear from you here. Delurk yourself. Looking forward to the poetry site.

deserttoadd said...

I most humbly apologize for my tirade, right sentiment wrong situation. Dan is a nice guy and a friend. I am not one to quietly watch someone get berated for their personal beliefs. I am one to encourage debate and the more debate the better.

Please continue with the friendly with the friendly repertoire but please be kind to poor old Dan because it is, after all, in bad taste to have a battle of wits with a poorly armed man.

desertdan said...

"Poorly armed"? Strewth!

Jon said...

Deserttoad, by the way. I've been thinking about Dan and this post. First, any friend of Dan's is a friend of mine. Second, I am deeply indebted to Dan for putting a human face on things that I would just as soon demonize. Thanks to Dan I can disagree with some ideas and still realize that they are coming from a human being with a good mind and a sincere heart. Third, I consider myself a fairly lousy excuse for a Christian. Still, I try to follow Christ in my own sloppy and selfish way. That's why I get mad at myself when I get mad at other people. I'm allowed to have enemies. LIke everyone else, I was given free will. That means that I am often in conflict with lots of other people. What I am not allowed to do is hate my enemies. Anger is a selfish diversion that keeps me from the hard task of loving my enemies. As the great Christian apologist and amoral decadent drug addict William Burroughs once said, "You can't solve a problem." OK, so Burroughs wasn't really a Christian apologist, but he was right about solving problems. Once something has become a problem, all you can do with it is move it around. You can make it into a problem for someone else. You can turn it into a different kind of problem, but it will keep popping up. So, the problem is loving my enemies and I expect to spend the rest of my life working on it. Losing my temper takes the focus away from God and puts it back on me. When is everyone going to do what I want. When am I going to get my way? Dan, thanks for giving me a forum for my rambling.

desertdan said...

Jon, you're a brick--and a damn' big one, too!
D.Toadd is a nearby friend and fellow Pentacostal. His heart is in the right place. . . . Could it be you think us Penta's are a little strange? . . . Just Joshing (that's a pun, boys)! As far as I'm concerned, a Christian is a Christian is a . . .